si cantik dan si hensem

malaysia belong to the malays!

Lately, ive been thinking about unsolved issues regarding my country.
I hate politics much but i do get myself involved & follow the track.
For me, Malays has been too linent.
We let other (races) make fun of us, directly & indirectly.
We actually have rights to shut their freaking mouths.
But again, cuz we tend to 'jaga hati semua pihak', this is the consequences that we are facing right now.

My point is that, why we (malays) always antagonist with the government?
We apt to pick on them over litle things.
Especially when other races make an effort to provoke us to hate the goverment (the malay government), we somehow collaborate with them.

Open your eyes, open your heart.
PAS main priority is to establish an Islam country.
But, PKR is fighting over the Chinese rights.
As for Anwar Ibrahim, he is actually perjuangkn hak individu(himself).
Can they make it?
Can they rule the country PEACEFULLY when each of them has their own agenda?

This is so wrong.

We are Malays.
The government may have some point of weakness.
But, we have to remember that they are actually stand up for our rights.
The Malays Rights.
Why dont we get together, hand to hand, to support our government.
We may not feel the complications now.
But think about our future Malay generations

  • When there will be no longer boarding school
  • When there will be no jobs allocate for malays
  • When there will be no place for malays in the university
  • When there will be no surau in shopping malls
  • When there will be no azan during every prayers time
  • When there will be no doa recited in public
  • When there will be no people using Bahasa Melayu as everyday language

Can we still call our country MALAYsia?

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