si cantik dan si hensem


hye assalamualaikum and happy iftar everybody.

oh yaaaa. harris. say hye and say welcome to the worst world evaa to harris mikail bin bahrain hairuddin that just born at 19 july 2013. yes. z generation :) this.

cute? see his aunt la! haha. act dis is my niece :) so raya ni meriah sebab dah ade 3 anak buah.
for harris or mikail, act idk what kind of nickname should i call him. but i rather harris :) so harris,

please be nice to everybody.
never make any trouble.
be the good and soleh child.
dont eva eva make your parents trouble.
love your parents okey :) aunty sekali.
hmm please keep your cute face long last :) ngeee.

thats all.

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