si cantik dan si hensem


ini hidup kita
bukan hidup orang lain
kenapa orang lain
yang mengarah hidup kita?
adakah mereka lebih tahu?
lebih expert?
tentang life kita?

pakai ini salah
buat ini salah
mana yang betul?
siapa yang betul?
mereka yang betul?
mereka sangat betul sehingga memperbetulkan hidup kita?

come on!
no one can understand what we want in our life
either our family nor our bestfriend
no one!
so who they?
that want to judge our life?
dont pretend like u know everythg!

they judge this
they judge that
who are they?
as far i know only god who can judge

stop it. stop judge people. stop make any assumption. because you dont know about the other life. you not live their life. so just live you life. mirror urself before judge people. human is imperfect. so they make mistakes. u make mistakes. i make mistakes. we make mistakes. HUMAN MAKE MISTAKES!

                                                                  chill. have fun.


  1. indeed.
    we cant stop the people from judging, we even cant stop ourselves from judging.
    as long as we know that we live in a right path, we dont need those judgement.

    but as you said, we human make mistakes. always misleading. and those judgement is like a guidance to lead us to a right path. and when we are, we also can lead those misleading people to follow our good traits. but if its our parents' judgement, just try to accept it well coz there's must be reasons.

    it's hard to make others to deeply understand for what we do. in fact, we cant force them to understand it. so, why bother right? :)

    p.s sorry for babbling too much here. today wasnt a good day for me and your post just caught my eyes.
    btw you're so cute.

  2. ya ure right. but i didnt mean to ignore the admonitions of friends & parents o anyone else. i just dedicate this to my hater out there. btw thanks for the great advice also the compliment :)

  3. hater mean 'someone' who dont know me well then they make wrong assumption about me and always find my fault. yaaa thts why i say people make mistakes. same goes to me. i make mistakes. but they use my mistakes to make the other people hate me. they make me down.

    1. its okay dear, dont bother that unnecessary thing. those haters are much probably retarded with their own life and they just made you feel the way they feel it so that they think that they are great enough. making yourself down is just will making those haters feel so up.

      just keep your head and chin up okay! you're not alone.